Motorcycle Accident Attorney – Oregon

Motorcycle Accident Motorcycle accident victims sustain greater injuries than their car injury counter-parts because of the speed and forces involved and the fact that motorcycle riders are not surrounded by a car or truck’s frame and body.  Out of every 100,000 car vs. car crashes there are approximately 13 fatalities.  Out of every 100,00 car vs. motorcycle accidents there are 72.34 fatalities.  Those not fatally injured after being in a motorcycle accident find themselves navigating a complex set of issues and often need help.  As a prior trial attorney for two prominent national insurance companies, Joe Durkee has the experience and skill to zealously pursue your Oregon motorcycle accident injury claim effectively and efficiently.   Call Joe Telephone (971) 998-6790 Motorcycle accident cases have increased because more and more people are buying motorcycles.  The Insurance Information Institute estimates that there are over 7.1 million motorcycles on the road in the United States and that more than one million street bikes and dirt bikes are purchased every year.  In 2008 5,290 people died in motorcycle accidents across the country and the number of motorcycle accident fatalities has increased every year over the last decade.  What are the leading causes of motorcycle accidents?  The primary cause is car and truck driver inattentiveness and lack of awareness.  The next greatest cause is bad signage and poorly maintained roads.  Motorcycle accident victims often find themselves in hospitals because of potholes, railroad tracks and sharp curves (to name a few) that are not properly and clearly marked.  The next greatest cause of motorcycle accidents is speed, followed by drinking and driving and cyclists with bad riding skills.  Motorcycle accident safety is not to be taken lightly and people who endeavor to ride on public roads should always complete a safety course before doing so.   If you or a loved one has been in a motorcycle accident as a result of another person’s negligence, call Joe Durkee today for a free, no obligation Oregon motorcycle accident telephone consultation.  Telephone (971) 998-6790. In addition to his motorcycle accident practice, Joe also handles pedestrian accident, motorcycle accident, auto accident, aviation accident, bike accident, semi accident and diminished value cases.  Joe is also an experienced Oregon Mediator and Arbitrator.